Friday, January 11, 2008

If Music Could Talk

In November I saw Blitzen Trapper supporting Two Gallants in Cork and threw up a dodgy photo at the time. Only about 15 people bothered to watch their set. Anyway I bought their album, Wild Mountain Nation, that night and now it'has popped up on Metacritic - getting good reviews across the board including this 8.5 / 10 from Pitchfork:

"[A]s diverse as it is, and as joyous as it is, Wild Mountain Nation just has songs worth coming back to. It's the title track's early vocal hook that begs you to replay it before anything else, and then maybe the fact that it's so crammed with slide guitars that the edges glisten. The gentle, almost uptight pop (comparatively) of "Futures & Folly" bely its resilient melody, as it's the nugget that holds up best after repeated listens. I could list more highlights-- like, the downtuned dark horse "Hot Tip/Tough Cub", or playful glam tribute "Murder Babe", or or or-- but if you're down with the diversity and can sit still while the band tears through every idea it has left, Wild Mountain Nation is a revelation from beginning to end."
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