Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I wonder if all the NIMBYs who tried to object to those wonderful wind turbines on the fallacious basis that wind-generated power is some sort of big lie are still desperately clinging to their googled beliefs, now that Airtricity has been sold to Scottish & Southern Energy for over €1 billion. And fair play to the Irish guy, Eddie O'Connor (who was once shafted royally when CEO of Bord na Mona), who had a vision, realised it, and is now a multi-millionaire as a result.

Back in the day, when I first heard of the Irish Wind Energy Truth Alliance (aka NIMBY gobshites), I wrote:
"If these people know the 'truth' about wind energy then why did they not
form their action group when the turbines were being built on the Arklow Bank a
few years back (and save all those private investors their, as yet not wasted,
cash)? Clearly because that’s not their real agenda – the ‘truth’ claims are an
attempt to reinforce what is, in essence, standard NIMBY obstructionism."
Well I only wish I had the cash to invest heavily in companies involved in alternative energy... oh wait, I did!
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