Friday, January 18, 2008

Complete Control

Ah, lovely Limerick - the city of my birth (I legged it within a week and didn't set foot in the place again until I was 22) - and a great story from Ian O'Doherty:
'Writing in the super soaraway Evening Hegguld last week, dashing
hackette Dee O'Keefe commented on the kerfuffle caused by a judge on You're A
Star calling the Wicklow accent "knackery", which was an outrageous slur against
knackers everywhere.

O'Keefe defended the use of regional accents, which was unusually liberal of her, but it wasn't enough to prevent one reader from objecting in an email: "I can't believe you get paid for writing wanky articles like the wan in the Herald.

"It's West Brit D4 whores like you that are what's wrong with this country.

"I'm from Limerick and we have class accents, not like you jackeen
orange wannabe yanks with your stupid muppet accents.

"If you ever walked around Limerick with your Horsey head, buck
teeth and sad Knocklyon accent you would get the head pucked off you.

"Knock in those horsey teeth of yours and keep your picture off the
paper you braindead c**t."'

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