Thursday, January 10, 2008


More miscellany...

  • The two biggest James Blunts in Irish journalism - Barry Egan and Brendan O'Connor - made it into a short-list of three for 'Worst Irish Journalist 2007' at the inaugural Gooseberries award. Cool.
  • Fucking Cork fucking railway unions. They have got to be the most militant bastards in the country at this stage - this time, last time, another time, and another time, and yet another time... Wankers.
  • I bought the first series of The Wire on dvd at the HMV sales because Jim Carroll is always raving about the show. I had never seen any of it before, but I watched the first episode after work this morning. Quality.
  • My flatmate, Ginger Rave, has been watching ALL of the darts coverage, which is annoying the crap out of me. It's not even the 'good' darts (the competition on Sky) but the rump on BBC, where the useless tossers (geddit!) are down to single figures before they finally check-out. The coverage doesn't even have Sid Waddell for God's sake! Ginger git.
  • There's a strong rumour two Irish Sunderland players are about to get the sack for being caught using recreational drugs. Gobshites (if true).
  • The thieving bollixes that are all those with a vested interest in keeping Irish residential property at artificially high prices tried to claim in the run up to Christmas that the ECB would start cutting interest rates again. Today's statement shows what a load of nonsense that notion was.
  • I've had the Television Peronalities' track 'Part-Time Punks' on repeat this morning. Liking it.
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