Friday, December 14, 2007

Silver And Gold

Last time we had a record Lotto (i.e. tax on stupid/desperate people) jackpot in this country I pointed out that we would regularly have massive jackpots, simply because the odds of winning are roughly one in four times the total adult population of the whole country.

Now the jackpot has rolled-over to €10 million+ for tomorrow's draw, coincidentally just in time for Christmas.

I do have a hat ready, just in case, but I'm willing to make a wager of my own - that the jackpot will roll-over again tomorrow, and again on Wednesday and the biggest jackpot EVAH! will be won on Saturday 22nd December in the last draw before Christmas. And it will all be a pure coincidence, of course.

EDIT: Shockingly, the jackpot is, indeed, rolling over til Wednesday.
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