Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rock The Casbah

And this is more of it. The teddy-bear story is well known by now. And obviously they're a bunch of nutters. In fact it's amusing that news organisations have decided to explain 'the issues', as if people who demand a woman's execution over a teddy-bear deserve to have their beliefs respected.

But anyway the Have Your Say on the BBC website is overflowing with comments - 10,241 published as of now with 6,405 awaiting 'moderation' (free speech, eh?).

Reading the comments can be fun, if you remember not to take the contributors in any way seriously, because it really can be quite surprising just how many people attempt to rationalise the irrational...
'The law is the law whether in the Sudan or the UK, we may not like or agree
with what constitutes an offence or the punishment that is dispenced
... defend the indefensible...
'I thought that the teacher in question was some kid who was over there
dong a tefl course. When I discovered the age of the teacher in question I
thought what an idot! She was working in a Muslim country, did she not know
how sensitive the people in such a country were when it comes to their
religion? Lock her up for sheer stupidity!'

... or totally miss the point...
'I'm sure it was an innocent mistake but unfortunately, I feel the teacher
should have been better informed of the customs in the country she is
It's also hard to work out how some of the people have enough brain cells to even turn on a computer...
'Funy to hear the government mad with the children naming the teddy. Is the
government has nothing to do with other things than monitoring the people.
Children could even insult the mothers and the fathers because they knew nothing
and God love children prenty much. Why will someone should be excused because of children choice? This is all about politics!'
Good grief Penfold. What the hell do the moderators do?...
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