Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I groaned when I saw this headline - 'I quit the cancer treatment and got better my own way' - in today's Irish Independent. I thought 'here we go' and, within a couple of lines, the hack describes how...

"It wasn't the disease, she believed, that was in danger of killing her; it was the cure. After suffering a profoundly negative reaction to chemotherapy, the 47-year-old Drogheda woman did something that most cancer patients wouldn't contemplate.

She abandoned her treatment and walked away from conventional medicine.

By all accepted healthcare standards, it was a crazy thing to do. She was potentially signing her own death warrant. Convinced that she had little
choice, she embarked on a complex 'natural holistic' programme of treatment,
devised by herself, based around diet and meditation. Not only is she still
around to tell her tale, she looks the picture of good health."

Of course there's a very good reason why they haven't interviewed all those women in equally poor health, that turned to alternative 'holistic' treatments in desperation - only to find they didn't work. People like my similarly-aged aunt, for example.

They're all dead.

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