Tuesday, December 11, 2007


People who should be sterilised... or at least have the vote taken off them... Part 92: People who buy this book...

According to today's Irish Independent, The Secret is in line to become the No. 1 selling book in Ireland for Christmas.

If you don't already know, "the 'secret' of obtaining anything you desire is now revealed by prominent physicists, authors and philosophers as being based in the universal Law of Attraction. And the good news is that anyone can access its power to bring themselves health, wealth and happiness. Fragments of The Secret have been found in oral traditions, literature, religions and philosophies throughout the centuries."

Sexism alert! - Unfortunately I suspect a lot more women will read this book, and be credulous of its nonsense, than men.

Back in March The Onion summarised the books main points:

  • You deserve whatever you want no matter how awful you are.
  • Try not to use any critical-thinking skills or logic when pondering concept of The Secret.
  • Capitalizing on basic human feelings such as greed can bring you vast wealth.
  • Eat a hearty breakfast every day.
  • Please allow universe six to eight millennia to deliver.
  • You can never be too tan.
  • The Secret does not work if you are attempting to learn it from stolen, bootlegged, or borrowed products from Prime Time Productions.
Also, back in May this time, Slate took Oprah to task for promoting the book (one of the main reasons for its success):

"Since you gave it your endorsement, The Secret has become one of the fastest-selling books and probably the most successful infomercial in history. The gaggle of gurus who peddle The Secret's message all over the world are still out there, arguing that it is the answer to every atrocity and tragedy. One went so far as to blame the suffering in Darfur on stinkin' thinkin'."
The nonsense that is the Law of Attraction is dealt with here.

Maybe I should picket Eason's?...
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