Sunday, December 09, 2007

Complete Control

As sure as night follows day, a 'nation is going to hell in a handcart' headline is on the front page of the Sunday Independent. As sad as the recent cocaine deaths have surely been for the families of those who have died, stuff like 'Ireland's cocaine crisis is set to dramatically worsen...' is sensationalist, fear mongering rubbish.

The vast majority of cocaine users may be wankers, or at least act like wankers on the drug, but they will also ultimately just grow out of taking it. That's not to suggest it's harmless, or that there aren't very unpleasant anecdotal incidents arising from its use (the effects of its illegal distribution is a separate argument), but to claim that 'the consequences [of increased cocaine consumption] will dwarf the heroin crisis of the Seventies and Eighties' is scandalous reporting, virtually identical to the over-hyped ecstasy scares of 15-years ago.

If the yoofs have learned anything this week they'll have learned that you don't eat coke, which you would have thought was bleeding obvious anyway. So hopefully no one else will die that way.

Anyway the best line in the piece is 'In [a] Sunday Independent survey, 90 per cent of people said they believe that the gardai should get tough on cocaine abuse.' Surely one of the most stupid, pointless, er, lines that you'll read this year?
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