Saturday, November 24, 2007

You'll Never Walk Alone

Great day in the footie. The miserable September and October seems a long time ago already. The 'Pool seem to be out the other side of their poor form, still unbeaten in the League and after tearing the odious Fat Sam a new one. For good measure ManYoo and their absolutely gash midfield prove they're next to nothing without Rooney 'n' Ronaldo.

But most entertaining was Sunderland's result. I don't like Irish players having such days and I admire Niall Quinn's love for the club, and I admire their fans. But I just can't help having a large dollop of schadenfreude about the whole thing. Especially on the day that The Irish Times' award winning columnist, Keith Duggan, wrote: 'But Roy Keane could lead England back to international respectability. The two qualities needed to manage England are a cool intellect under fire and plenty of cop on. The Corkman has both in spades and he could and would make England happy and glorious once again.' Would?!? Do you not think he should prove he can coach first, Keith?!

Back in August I said: '[T]he Sunderland bandwagon should stall before it properly gets going. You see they're not very good. In fact they're very average, severely lack a bit of craft and they'll have to fight like dogs in their games to get results, which means they won't be pretty. The fact is, even if they survive, Sunderland will lose more often than they'll win. The day-tripping, glory hunting fuckwits - more used to Celtic walking the Scottish Premier, Man Yoo putting someone to the sword with the aid of the ref in the Theatre of Prawns, and Boring Munster grinding their way to Heino triumph - won't put up with that.'

Is it too early for 'I told you so'?
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