Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stay Free

Yet another Prime Minister who hitched himself to the Warren Terror (age 6) bandwagon has bitten the dust. Nice - well done the convicts!

Having said that I think I read one of the most fantastical stretches of logic I have seen in a long time on the Irish Times' Letters page:

Madam, - Maire Garvey (November 22nd) decries the general apathy
towards the brutal sentence imposed on an unfortunate rape victim in Saudi
Arabia and hopes that our Government will make a strong protest to the Saudis.
Unfortunately, her call will probably fall on the deaf ears of a Government
which is cravenly sycophantic to the Saudis' major ally, the US.

The obvious brutality of the Saudi regime exposes the US crusade
for global democracy as phoney rhetoric. This clarion call is only used to
justify such misadventures such as the Iraqi invasion and the ongoing
vilification of the democratically elected President Chavez of Venezula.
What really drives US foreign policy, and thus by default EU foreign policy, is
energy security and the maintenance of the system which allows wealth to be
concentrated in the hands of the few.

It is no coincidence that at the recent Opec summit Saudi Arabia
vetoed any discussion of changing the trade in oil from dollars to other
currencies. With the US economy in such a fragile state, the prospect of oil
being traded in euros could prove the final nail in its coffin.
Iran and Venezuela, two major oil producers pushing for this change, are also under constant attack from the US regime. - Yours, etc,

BARRY WALSH, Church Road, Blackrock, Cork

I honestly can't even begin! I mean a woman jailed for being raped in a nutjob, fundamentalist sandpit is actually the fault of the Americans, because they don't want oil to be traded in Euros... Good Jesus there are some awful gobshites in this country.

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