Monday, November 26, 2007

Out Of Control

I never talk about the Health Service because, frankly, it's a really boring topic of conversation.

However two things strike me about the current race to call our health service 'third world' as often as possible.

First, if the people living in every gap in the ditch in the country didn't take to the streets and the airwaves whinging and crying every time it's suggested that maybe having A&E, cancer treatment and maternity services in every said gap in the ditch, and instead accepted that that probably isn't an efficient way to run a health service, then maybe things like the cancer cock-up in Portlaoise wouldn't have happened.

Second, if a lot more people took more responsibility for their own health - i.e. stopped smoking, drinking themselves into the gutter, having unsafe sex, eating shite, driving like lunatics and taking stupid and totally unnecessary risks in the workplace - then maybe the system wouldn't get clogged up and people who get sick through no fault of their own would get the focused care they need.
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