Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fake Plastic Trees

Do you know what's really annoying about all the Christmas stuff starting up after Halloween? All the people queuing up to give out about it. I think there might be a prize for the first letter published in the papers or the first call to Joe or Gerry whinging.

'Oh the ads start earlier and earlier every year...' No they don't. If they really did we'd be seeing ads in June by now, because people have been moaning about that for at least 20 years.

'I was in Brown Thomas / Debenhams / Arnotts / Clery's and they have their Christmas displays up ALREADY! Isn't it awful?...' Yes, trees and coloured lights offend me greatly too.

'Christmas has got sooooo commercialised...' Oh I know! I much prefer the other ten months of the year when there's no one trying to flog you anything.

Seriously, get over yourselves.
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