Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Career Opportunities

Remember the survey I mentioned? Well we found out today that the global response rate was 87%. The other 13% probably already know they're being made redundant.

Anyhoo apparently 'Every people manager, who had four or more colleagues respond, will receive access to their individual scorecard.' Gotta love that grammar.

'These survey results will serve as a baseline from which we can measure our improvement as we move forward. But these scores are just the starting point. Each manager’s scorecard will provide an opportunity for discussion within teams and mutual action planning. Everyone needs to be involved in this action planning to make an impact on engagement and make a difference in our work environment.' And gotta love the corpo guff.

'Every people manager will be expected to have a 2008 performance objective that includes having an action plan and working on it, with their team, throughout the year. You will hear specifics about this objective during the objective setting process. When the survey is again administered late in 2008, we can then measure our improvement.' Looking forward to it already.
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