Thursday, October 25, 2007

Unforgettable Fire

While the Beautiful Game continues to bitch-slap me about the place (although watching Arsenal right now is like watching ballet with a football) at least music diverted the mind for the last two nights.

On Tuesday I saw The Enemy in Dublin's Ambassador - a great wee gig, I hope they and their Jamminess go far - and last night I saw Arcade Fire in the Phoenix Park. Despite the philistines [that's right I said philistines ;-)] it was another fabulous show, if slightly let down by the sound and the poor views of the stage.

The Brixton gig I saw on St Patrick's Day was better but only because of the venue. Once again the ten minutes or so where Power Out is rolled into Rebellion was sensational.

Here's my old-man rant, though: There were loads of people sticking their shfugly girlfriends (and sometimes their mates) up on their shoulders during the best bits. It's got to be the most ignorant thing you can do at a gig. It's bad enough that my concert stalker is always there to block my view at concerts without those arseholes doing it too.
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