Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Electric Co

Pretty much the only job my flatmate, Ginger Rave, has in our apartment is to pay the electricity bill. I do pretty much everything else. But the bills always seem quite high as there are only two of us in the gaff and we don't have many high-wattage appliances like microwaves, second TVs and hair driers to drink the juice. I've been putting it down to increased energy costs and such and such.

So anyway Ginger Rave is away at the egg-chasing 10-White Nations at the moment so, when the bill came in, claiming to be overdue from July, I figured I'd sort it out myself. It was for €160, which I couldn't understand as we never had the heating on all summer despite the crap weather.

So down I went to read the meter and I rang the ESB to balance it for me. Turns out the dumb fecker has NEVER done this and instead of owing the ESB money they owe us money! We've enough credit to see out the year and beyond! What a bleedin' idiot. Pleasant surprise, though!
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