Monday, October 08, 2007

Egg Chasing Time

So apparently the biff-bang-wallop 'World' Cup is still going. I thought they might have cancelled it in sympathy when the Golden Generation TM got dumped out of it. How inconsiderate.

Still I must say that I'm delighted that both the riverdancing wife-beaters and the convicts have been knocked out.

Very Maori looking guy, your man licking his chin there.

You see the French decided to go toe-to-toe with New Zealand's war dancers (which makes a nice change from when the Germans shape up in front of them) so, had they not won, all we'd be hearing is 'Ooh, they they made the All Blacks mad staring down the haka' etc, etc. Pass the sick bucket...

So for that reason alone I'm glad France won.

Meanwhile maybe the New Zealanders could do the planet a favour and drop the convicts back to HMP Australia on their way home? Carbon footprint and all that...

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