Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Drug-Stabbing Time

Back in the day I wrote a wee piece about the state of the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. It was the day after it was first announced that "Amgen, the great white hope, are postponing work on their plant for a couple of years (so they say now)", as I put it at the time. Well, to precisely nobody's surprise (except Mickey Mouse Martin, the Enterprise Minister, it would appear), 'a couple of years' has become 'never gonna happen'.

In fairness to the government, the problems really are specific to that company and no reflection on Ireland as a place to do business (for once) but still the original announcement was clearly bollocks designed to minimise any effect on the local Fianna Fáil TDs in the election. Of course everyone around here knows that, and has been telling anyone who'll listen that *they* knew that, so you have to wonder why they didn't 'punish' the government TDs at the time if they believed the government were to blame?
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