Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Football, music and giving out about charlatans are the combined passions of this blog and, in this post, at least two of them come together!

Our gallant Scottish cousins are on the verge of qualifying for the European Championship in the Anschluss and Nazi-Goldbank next summer. Furthermore they currently lead a group that contains the World Champions, the runners-up and a beaten quarter finalist.

I don't normally like seeing major teams failing to qualify for tournaments - you definitely notice when the likes of England, for example, or Holland aren't there (except, of course, when we qualify at their expense!) - but it looks like it's going to happen here.

So which one to want to see the back of? Well I'm going with France. That does mean having a major tournament not graced (and I use that word deliberately) by Thierry Henry for starters. But it would mean the batty Raymond Domenech getting the bullet. And that would be a very good thing.

Because, you see, Domenech is not only a very keen astrologer and tarot reader he actually allows it to influence team selection! He doesn't trust scorpios (!) and often refused to select Robert Pires regardless of form on the basis of his date of birth.

So for that nonsense alone I want the wops to join the jocks.

And if you can read all the way through this without your eyes bleeding then fair play to you.
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