Monday, October 15, 2007


I discovered something getting the train to Dublin for the match on Saturday - elderly people can't manoeuvre sideways. The train was full and I had gotten out of my seat for some old dear, meaning I had to stand in the aisle. To my growing frustration plenty of people were heading to the snack-car but at least most attempted to sidle past me with minimal contact. However every single coffin dodger that came along just barrelled straight through me like I wasn't there. People in their seats started laughing about it after a while. I remained stoic.

As for the game itself I was very happy, yet wondered what could have been. Still if it was a sign that the players are developing under Stan, as opposed to performing despite him, then the future may be bright after all. We don't have much strength in depth but we have very decent (and young) players in just about every position on the park with good back up too. I didn't see that coming two years ago to be honest. Still, with Scotland doing so well, you can't help wondering what a really decent coach (Paul Jewell maybe) could do with that team.

What Justice Paul Carney said about Majella Holohan's Victim Impact Statement was entirely correct. That people have attacked Carney since and defended her 'right' to do what she did in effectively branding Wayne O'Donoghue a paedophile actually proves that Carney is correct. Because for these people to defend what she did means they accept what she implied as being fact - despite the evidence, such as it was, being deemed either inadmissable or unsound. Maybe Wayne O'Donoghue doesn't deserve much sympathy, and certainly not in comparison to Ms Holohan. But to go from being guilty of your neighbour's manslaughter to being his paedophile murderer in the eyes of the public on the basis of innuendo is disgraceful and shouldn't have been let happen.

There are, apparently, a lot more than a handful of Irish people that chose to watch England and France re-enact the battle of the Somme (minus Germans) on Saturday night rather than watch their country play a Euro qualifier (including Germans). This country is going to the dogs and England now appear to be the Greece of 'world' cup peanut-hugging.

Saw the Pigeon Detectives in Cork on Friday. Decent set, but as generic as it gets, really. Dublin review here. Super Furry Animals in Cork tonight. I've never seen them, looking forward to it. Work has blocked myspace, so look them up yourselves!

Speaking of which the blocking page has this message: "We have blocked as a result of the proliferation of malicious software being distributed from this web site. Corporate IT understands the personal value some colleagues receive from this web site, but the business risk is unacceptable." So now.
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