Friday, September 21, 2007

Wrong 'Em Boyo

Well done this man...

Madam, - Another inter-county GAA season comes to an end. Some of the games - especially some of the hurling matches - were well worth watching. However, is there a more partisan sports media in the world than the GAA sports media?

For example, we are regularly informed that almost all games are going to be full houses and mouth-watering prospects. (This is not great news for the main sponsor; if only they were dry-throat prospects.) Almost every score is superb, magnificent, fantastic, even those from in front of the goalposts. Common assault is referred to as "handbags". Play double-digit games for your county and you are "a legend".

So, after tons of newsprint and countless hours of television and radio, who won this year? Kilkenny and Kerry. Who won last year? Kilkenny and Kerry. Who will win next year? Well, it would probably be a good idea to ignore the GAA sports media and look at the odds offered by your bookie instead.

Yours, etc,

Something I've always felt myself, yet never really said out loud for fear of appearing churlish.
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