Monday, September 10, 2007

A Sort Of Homecoming

Amid all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the weekend's respective international matches I'm calmly sitting back and waiting. What I'm waiting for is to see if the egg-chasers and their manager get anything even approaching the level of abuse for their 'San Marino' last night that the footballers got after theirs. So far they haven't.

The criticism of the peanut huggers, entirely justified, has remained factual and to the point, and has been devoid of the hyperbole, personal insults and cliched nonsense that has characterised the reaction to the football team's performances, which have long since entered the realm of lunacy.

Where, for example, are the wails of fools saying they wanted Namibia to win because that's what the players/manager deserve, which was said after the San Marino game. Especially seeing as the ref robbed Namibia of a potential bonus-point by ludicrously awarding Ireland's last not-try.

Liam Mackey in today's Examiner summed it up best: 'It would be churlish not to accentuate some of the positives on a night when, lest we forget, the Irish scored two goals away from home against decent opposition and, admittedly having ridden their luck for alarming spells in the game, came within one minute of recording a victory which would have had the huge travelling support raising the roof instead of drowning their sorrows.'

Quit with the sober analysis Liam...

Meanwhile, if I were superstitious at all, I would seriously be regretting making this statement a few weeks ago... 'we're storming the First Division this season, top since the opening day, where we will remain.'
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