Sunday, September 23, 2007


Nothing to declare...

Graham Steadman: 'The guys can take a lot of pride from the defensive composure they showed in the last 10 minutes against Georgia.'

Brent Pope: 'What the whole country wants to see is a Munster-type performance with passion.'

Pieter de Villiers: 'Their pride is wounded and perhaps they need to prove that the negative criticism is not true.'

Thierry Dusautoir: 'I fear a little the reaction that Ireland will have because of their pride.'

Trevor Brennan: 'You take pride in your national anthem.'

Trevor Brennan: 'The passion of La Marseillaise and the Argentinian national anthem made up for a long-winded opening ceremony.'

Brian O'Driscoll: 'It doesn't hurt pride but it is disappointing not performing in the way we know we can.'

Warren Gatland: 'One thing that struck me was the lack of passion. The Georgians completely outshone them in this aspect of the game.'

Warren Gatland: 'One essential ingredient in Irish rugby has been the passion generated on the pitch and that was missing again.'

Warren Gatland: 'It's about being composed and precise and rediscovering a passion for the battle, something that's been conspicuously absent.'

Warren Gatland: 'In essence Ireland need to employ passion, brains, brawn and skill...'

Gerry Thornley: 'Ireland found their people, found their intensity, found their passion, but ...'

George Hook: '30,000 people travelled in hope that their team could summon enough pride and passion to deliver an unlikely victory.'

George Hook: 'This coach has always demanded the credit for success... His only loss will be to his pride and reputation.'

Irish Independent: 'This was the side we had hoped would instill some pride and they did.

Ian Paisley(!): 'If you play with passion as is your usual way you can count on our support.'

Irish Independent: 'Disconnected from the supporters, they have thus failed to form a symbiotic bond with them when they cross the white line and the lack of passion is palpable.'

Irish Independent: 'Where was the passion? The sense of outrage that professional sportsmen should feel when their performance levels dip so alarmingly? The reflected shame on behalf of supporters who have travelled in their thousands?'

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