Monday, September 17, 2007

Dirty Day

There'll be a bit of schadenfreude in this, but it's a little bit reluctant because I'll support my country in pretty much any sporting endeavour. So, to get it out of the way, I feel sorry for the Irish egg-chasers that things appear to be unravelling for them at the worst possible time and I hope they can turn things around.

They're obviously not playing crap on purpose and, seeing as I don't subscribe to the 'no passion...', 'no pride in the shirt...', 'pampered over-paid millionaires...' cliched nonsense about the footballers I won't subscribe to it now about the peanut-huggers. I've met a couple of them - Shane Horgan is very pleasant as is Peter Stringer and O'Driscoll seems grand (although I'm not sure about Rog) - and would like to see them do well for themselves.

But loads of the 'fans' are showing themselves up to be the braying, glory-hunting, day-tripping, see and be-seen band-wagon jumpers I have always been sure they were. After seeing some of them booing the players off on Saturday night for scraping past Georgia Reserves, and the rest standing around looking perplexed in their nice new jerseys, designer gear and perfectly coiffed hair, doesn't it feel like an awful long time since all this?

There's an odd phenomenon at work, thinking about it. On one level it annoys me that those who practice the less skilful form of rugger seem immune to the sneering ridicule and hyperbole that currently accompanies the football team. Yet on another level they're being written off and talked about as if they've had the bare-faced cheek to scupper the demands of a nation. It's like they were our chosen few but they have let us down and we are angry.

But there's still plenty of game-time for Ireland to turn things around at the 10 White Nations. Given their history the French might just throw the white flag up and let the goys go from being zeroes to heroes again. It would be nice for the players to prove it to themselves, and to the (first) world, but I just don't think their so-called fans deserve to get the opportunity to bask in such glory.

While waiting to see what happens you can get this comedy gold through iTunes (download 'Jay talks about the rugby performance').
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