Thursday, September 06, 2007

Career Opportunities

I was informed today that the company is running a 'Colleague Engagement Survey' in conjunction with Gallup ('Helping People Be Heard'... ffs...) My initial reaction was 'pfffft...', complete with eyes rolled to heaven. There's irony there somewhere...

Anyway there was a PowerPoint slideshow to accompany the announcement. I particularly liked the opening slide, which reads exactly as follows:
  • Participation is voluntary but there is strong encouragement for a high turn out.
  • Each site participation level is expected to be 100%.

Saddam Hussein himself would be proud!

The reasons given for this lark are that the company wants to have:

  • highly informed colleagues.
  • an engaged workforce that is to be part of the company’s future.

Well they could try not laying people off who do actual work while simultaneously creating layer upon layer of middle-management invent-a-jobs to satisfy the 'ambitions' of lazy, talentless fools. That might work. But hey! Whose idea is it to have such a survey? Why some jobsworth in corporate head office trying to justify his/her middle-management invent-a-job in the first place!

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