Monday, August 13, 2007

Unforgettable Fire

Walked into my local record shop in Dundalk on Friday morning at 8:55am. I was the only one there. "Arcade Fire tickets?" says Peter Pan, who has just raised the shutters.

"Uh huh, pete..." I call him Peter Pan cos he has worked in the record shop for as long as I remember (I remember buying a tape off him for a birthday present for my dad round about 1985) and he doesn't look any older.

"?... four, yeah?"


"Here you go. Fancy the 'pool's chances this season?

"Thanks. Only if they hit the ground running and keep running. Should be a great season. Would you believe these tickets sold out in about 90 seconds back in January? Missed out then. Thanks be to Christ I didn't this time. They'll be gone within 10 minutes - wait and see."

"Really? Make sure you enjoy it so."

"A tent in the Phoenix Park in October? What's not to enjoy?... er..."
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