Saturday, August 25, 2007

Somebody Got Murdered

The young lad murdered in Liverpool the other day was a massive Everton fan and that fact has appeared in most of the press reports since. Obviously, therefore, there were going to be tributes to the fella at Goodison Park today but, for some reason, there was a minute's applause instead of a minute's silence.

Now the minute's applause is a relatively recent thing at football grounds because first of all you're applauding the memory of the good times - like an ex-player's contribution to the club - instead of mourning his passing; and second of all it works better than a minute's silence, which away fans have often broken in an act of nastiness designed to annoy home fans. So it is often more appropriate for something like, to take a recent example, the death of Alan Ball.

But how a minute's applause is warranted for an 11 year old boy shot dead is beyond me. What the hell are they applauding? The young lad didn't die, he was murdered - there's a big difference! Surely a minute's silence was far more appropriate in this case.
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