Thursday, August 23, 2007

Original Of The Species

Maeve Higgins is playing the Cork Opera House tomorrow week. I'd be a bit surprised if you've never heard of her because she has been the most-pushed comedian I can think of in the last few years, and I have no idea why.

I know it's only my opinion, but I think she's no bloody good. Her delivery is nervous and the jokes are more of the nervous giggle at silly-stuff type than a good laugh at the absurdities of life. Scatty seems to be her thing, but I know a rake of scatty girls whose carry-on makes me laugh. I wouldn't put them on stage, though.

The reason for thinking she's getting such a push is that she pops up so regularly in the media in a non-performance guise. She got a little vox-pop piece about Christmas in the Irish Times, for a quick example, and seems to pop up on TV and radio for no apparent reason other than to crack a lame joke and get her name out there. Fair play to her promoter!

I mentioned before that I didn't think much of most Irish stand-ups. Yet, for some reason, Higgins is playing the biggest theatre in the city and being let charge €25. That's a staggering move up the ladder for someone I saw do back-up for Jason Byrne (I think it was) only two years ago. The only other thing she seemed to have done before Edinburgh 2006 was Naked Camera. Yet Byrne, a far more established performer, is doing a show two weeks later in a smaller venue for €15.

Obviously I don't have to go or anything - it's not that I necessarily care - and more power to her if she's successful. It's just that I don't get it. You could say that about a lot of things but this time the it seems to be got by all the entertainment-media types I normally use to judge these things in advance for me.
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