Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm Not Down

Things annoying me right now:

  • That there's little shits speeding up the street past my gaff in their chavmobiles all evening.
  • That one of the number 7 buses screeches and backfires every single time it accelerates past my gaff.
  • That the girl on the TV talking about South Park has an annoying voice that seems to be a raised whisper.
  • That the ads on the Paramount Comedy channel are twice as loud as the programmes.
  • That St Pats have lost to bloody Longford tonight virtually guaranteeing Shelbyville will win the League.
  • That Big Brother STILL isn't over.
  • That the cups of tea I'm drinking taste weird today for some reason.
  • That I seem so bored of food I don't want to eat despite being really hungry.
  • That no one is around to go for pints tonight.
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