Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Drug-Stabbing Time

The head-honcho for our division of the company (Director of Operations in the entirely arbitrary 'Europe-Middle East-Asia' region) is paying a visit next week. In order to prepare for his visit a man with a high-power hose and a cherry picker has been cleaning the outside of our factory walls and the pavement bricks for nearly two weeks. Neither was noticeably grubby in the first place but I suppose a detail like that wouldn't stop the managers in this place.

Fantastically, the walls now look two-tone as the cherry picker doesn't reach high enough and as for hiring a man to wash the moss out from between the bricks, well that has come up before. The laughale part is that, as part of a money saving drive, all employees are being asked to 'brainstorm' cost-cutting measures (it gets its own TLA - C.I.P. or 'cost improvement project'). We also have an environmental 'team' on site, that wants us to submit environmental conservation ideas at a time when the government runs ads about not over filling kettles.

I can't begin to imagine just how much water that guy has gotten through in the last two weeks or how much he's being paid (probably > €30K). So I think me (and a good few dozen others) will very shortly think of one fabulous idea for both cost-cutting and environmental conservation. The managers will smile, humour me with some typically asinine comments while privately wishing to kill me. I'll smile back at them, with the look of detached contempt someone in my position on the food chain has no right to perfect.
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