Friday, August 31, 2007

Death Is A Star

It was this day ten years ago. Wanna know where I was when I heard she had died? No? Well I'm telling anyway, cos this is my blog. I was in the back of a cab in San Francisco and the Russian cabbie told me. I thought he was taking the mick, thinking I was English, so paid no heed to him. It was only when I got to the pub and they had all the TVs on the news channels showing the story that I copped what had happened.

You see I had just escaped from Alcatraz! It's true. I had been putting off going all summer and we were due home soon so I finally got my act together and headed over. We took some beers with us and wandered off down a closed path over to the water tower and drank them. But we were spotted by the Park Rangers and detained. I never thought stuff like this really happened, but the one in charge let us off when she realised we were Irish. Apparently her grandparents were from Mayo (aren't they always?) and we hammed it up to high heaven trying to get off.

So we got away with a ticking off, but we were later told we were very lucky not to get at least a fine. In these post 11/9 days I doubt they would have been so relaxed about what we did.

So I have a cool story about where I was when she died. And that's all that matters.

Private Eye after she died...

Private Eye this week...
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