Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wake Up Dead Man

Supposed to go to The Simpsons tonight but it's way too nice to be sat in a cinema, which makes a nice change! The reviews seem to be universal in that it's just like an extended TV episode, some past plotlines have been rehashed, there are some very funny bits but, overall, it continues the show's decline.

There are two clear things wrong with the show today - the storylines are loose, lazy and guest star obsessed and Homer has been turned into a complete oaf as opposed to an oaf with a heart of gold that ultimately shines through.

I own the first 9-series on DVD, up to 1998, but have stopped buying it at that. I can finger the exact episode that the show lost it for me - Monty Can't Buy Me Love in Season 10, where Mr Burns wants to be loved (wtf?) and decides he'll be loved by capturing the Loch Ness Monster (wtf?!?!) and bringing it to Springfield. The monster ends up as a bouncer in a casino. Lazy, lazy nonsense.

Anyaway I'll go see it, maybe.
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