Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stories For Boys

I don't really like watching golf for any length of time. I usually watch for a little while but find that I started flicking around after a few minutes. The odd time you'll see a few minutes of quality play that gets you all excited, and where you might even learn something, but those moments are fairly rare.

I do like playing golf, however, but I wouldn't play as much as a lot of other blokes I know. I'm not as bad as a couple of my friends who only seem to get a round in when they go abroad, but I still don't play as often as I'd like. In fact I find that I'll play a few rounds on a few courses in the space of a few weeks and really enjoy it, then not play again for months.

You see a lot of my friends are already members of courses but I've never wanted to join one particular course - if I did I could play as much as them. But I've had opportunities to join clubs a few times and after a couple of rounds on them I've usually gotten bored and decided to move on. For some reason I'd rather not play at all than play on a course I find boring.

The thing is I've gotten a fair few rounds in recently on four different courses, which isn't like me at all. Normally I'll exhaust one before moving to the next one. One course was good fun but it's in Derry, so there's no point in joining it; I had one round on a course in Cork I'm just not interested in and two of the courses are in Dublin. I thought I liked one of them but got pissed off with it after a couple of rounds, whereas I'm hoping to play the other a few times over the next few weeks to see what the story is.

The problem is there's one course I've been gagging to join for nearly two years but membership is full and they don't seem interested in green fees. Because of that, however, I'm feeling it hard to move on and join another for fear that I just won't want to be there and that I'll still want to be with the one girl I want more than anything. I should just get over it but, well, sometimes you can't.

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