Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's My Name?

I've just been on the phone to a tech guy in the Phillipines doing some work for me. His name is Lenin Toledo. Now isn't that just a fantastic name? Definitely knocks current favourite Danny Invincibile into second spot.

Meanwhile at a (long) meeting this morning I was subjected to some of the worst management jargon-guff heard in a long time. When things got a bit muddled at one stage, one guy announced that some "blue sky thinking was required". I assumed this was a variant on "thinking outside the box". Later, when the group seemed unsure of the scope of the matter at hand, one of the management chicks (that might seem disrespectful to women. It's not meant to be - it's meant to be disrespectful to management) opined that "perhaps a helicopter view is required?"

I then offered the view that the helicopter view would indeed be useful but only when we had ensured the blue sky thinking had been applied as, without it, the helicopter view might be obscured somewhat. As I finished my stomach turned over in the sure knowledge that I was seconds from the sack. Instead there was a collective nodding of wise heads as the clarity and genius of my interjection sank in.

As the section of the meeting involving my project finished up, I was asked by the manager taking the chair if it was "fair to say that the key deliverables had yet to be finalised for inclusion in the project rollout plan?" I said "Hmmm... I could not fail to disagree with that less" and walked out the door...
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