Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wake Up Dead Man

Don't know if it was deliberate or not, but last night on Paramount Comedy they showed a South Park Christmas Special. In it, Cartman worries that Santa won't visit so he starts a campaign to deliver presents to Eye-raq to improve his good:bad ratio. Santa thinks it's a great idea but gets shot down by insurgents over Belfast... Baghdad and kidnapped and tortured. So the boys enlist a gun-toting Jesus to help rescue Santa. Jesus gets killed in the process of rescuing Santa, so Santa decrees that "from this day forward" Christmas should be dedicated to Jesus because of his bravery.

Was I insulted? No.
Would more pious Christians be? Probably.
Did they riot? No.
Did they burn down embassies? No.
Did they make a show of themselves in general? No more than usual.
If they thought they would have been offended what could they have done? Not watched the show.

I'm sure I'm going somewhere with all that...
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