Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rock The Casbah

Saw Family Guy: Stewie - The Untold Story last night. In it Stewie suggests that Jesus' miracles have been "overstated somewhat" before cutting to a clip of Jesus performing basic hand-tricks for a group of unimpressed Judeans. I'm still not feeling insulted.

Thinking back, I remember loving Spitting Image in the late '80s and early '90s. At the end of every episode was a musical bit running over the credits. One of the more famous ones is after Italia '90 - Cry Gazza, Cry. But my favourite was My God Is Bigger Than Your God with puppets of Pope JP II, Paisley, a Provo, Mohammed, Jews, the Archbishop of Canterbury at that time and more (although the only words I actually remember are from the Jew saying "Our God says to cut our foreskin/pork we mustn't cook" - dunno why that has stuck with me!).

I had it on tape for ages and even showed it to an elderly nun that was a distant relative of my mother's. She tut-tutted, and that was the worst reaction I ever saw or heard of about a satire sketch lampooning virtually every major organised religion in the world. Ah the late '80s - more enlightened times...
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