Monday, February 13, 2006

The Leader

President McAleese has a bit of a habit of saying things that erode one's ability to truly respect her. This idea that she's some sort of 'bridge-builder' or 'peacemaker' has always struck me as, frankly, bullshit. So when she said that the Irish people "abhorred" the infamous cartoons, well, she wasn't speaking for me for a start. It's truly unfortunate that, as our elected President, it appears she therefore speaks on all our behalfs - only we didn't get to elect her this time, did we? Well, for me, this is one gaff to far.

According to the Independent today 'Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah expressed his formal thanks to President McAleese for Ireland's response to the Danish cartoons. At her meeting with him, the monarch, also said Islam was "a religion of peace, tolerance and love and not a religion of violence".' Last November a teacher was sentenced to Forty months in jail and 750 lashes for 'mocking Islam' because he discussed terrorism and 'reportedly encouraged his students to analyse differences between the Koran and the Sunna'. This was in Saudi Arabia.
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