Sunday, January 08, 2006

You'll Never Walk Alone

Uncredible stuff - probably the best FA Cup tie of recent memory. Having said that it was probably because so many Liverpool players had a stinker and needed a kick in the hole to get going. If you haven't seen the summary then go here and watch the video highlights. Hearing the fans taunting Luton "3-1... and you f~cked it up!..." as clear as a bell on the TV was class! Despite the Rafalution's generally cautious approach, Liverpool just have this habit of producing heart attack football matches every now and then - Cup Final '89, Utd in '94, Newcastle in '96, Alaves in 2001, that game last year and now Luton '06 (and they're just the big ones off the top of my head). Wonderful stuff to watch (he says with the hindsight of not seeing them lose!). Great to see God lash a hat-trick for Citeh for good measure. Come on Nigel Clough!!!

In other FA Cup news Stockport County, currently propping up the League in 90-something place, were beaten by Brentford having had a 2-1 lead. So what? Well, they are currently managed by ex-Dundalk manager Jim Gannon who made an absolute hash of our last season and then resigned claiming that the board didn't match his vision (i.e. didn't want to hand him another shedload of cash to waste on tossers). It subsequently turned out he'd been managing Stockport's ladies' team on the QT in the final weeks of the season. Good enough for the git.


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