Friday, January 27, 2006


The moment of truth will soon be upon us. The qualifying draw for Switztria '08, or Schweitzerreich 2008, as our German-speaking friends will probably not call it, is being made right now. Here we go!...

Wales! I'm going to Cardiff!
San Marino! I'm going there too!
Cyprus! Bloody Cyprians again!
Slovakia! Yes! Could have been a lot worse from that pot.
Germany! Que sera sera and all that - we get to Germany after all, just a few months late...
Czech Republic! I've been to Brno (communist industrial wasteland) but never been to Prague.

This is brilliant - could have been a lot, lot worse. Probably won't qualify but we'll run it damn close. Right, drop of black stuff... check; inflatable hammer... check; 'comedy' leprechaun hat... check; shamrocks tattooed on my eyeballs... check; pubes dyed green... check. All set.

Slovakia and the Czechs reunited at last, and in our group!
Armenia and Azerbaijan in the same group. It's Nagorno Karabakh all over again!
Greece and Turkey another handy pair of 1-1 draws in the bookies.
France, Italy and Ukraine - the group of death (tee hee Scotchland).
Group G - EU wannabe basket-case central in with the Dutchies.

All in all a good day at the office...
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