Friday, January 13, 2006


Without a shadow of doubt, the appointment of Steve Staunton is a gamble by the FAI but the vitriol I've heard directed at the man himself by people in Cork and people on radio phone-ins has me amazed but not surprised. The comments flooding into The Last Word have finished me off. Well I'm well able to descend to their level. I hope that, just for them, that Mayfield thug is never let next nigh or near the Irish manager's job and, for good measure, I hope he wins Sweet FA in the mockery that is Scottish football. He doesn't play for us anymore so I don't have to pretend I have any respect for the guy - no matter what he's achieved or how much he's done for charidee. So what do these clowns do now anyway? If we improve under Stan then they'll have to admit they were wrong or they have to hope Ireland go from bad to worse to prove them right. What a pleasant scenario that must be for a bunch of bitter, twisted barstool rednecks.
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