Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Stan appears to be the man. Here's how I figure it. That goon Delaney and his motley crew had a big long list of people they wanted. On that list around 10th or so was Bobby & 20th or so was Stan. Everyone else on the list said no because the money was crap, the job is a dead-end, or they had to look after an ill spouse. The brains of Merrion Square were left with a dilemma, Stan "no experience" the man, or Bobby "Eire" Robson, who has one foot in the grave. "I know", said one of the bright sparks, "lets give them both the job..."

How and ever, one Jose Mourinho was once Uncle Sir Bobby's translator in Portugal and look at him now!

I'm not exactly praising the Lord over this appointment, in fact I'd be seriously worried about what it can achieve. But I refuse to start attacking Ireland's only 3-time World Cup participant and record cap-holder simply because he backed McCarthy during the Saipan nonsense. As he said on the occasion of his 100th cap: "...of course it's great to be here, to achieve your 100th cap, and to be playing in the World Cup against the best footballers in the world. Anyone who wouldn't want to be here - well... they've got problems."
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