Saturday, January 07, 2006

Silicone On Sapphire

Before I moved to Cork I hadn't realised that anyone took Little Women's Christmas as meaning very much. In fact it's such an institution in Cork that they're surprised to hear me say that. Being on call (again, second weekend in a row) I was co-opted into carting some of my lady friends in and out of town last night. Every year the debauchery just gets worse and worse - it was like a war zone!

The fact it was on a Friday was an obvious factor because men, conspicuous by their absence other years, were out and on the prowl. Similarly there were hordes of women (many acting as if last night is the only release they get all year). I saw fights, flashers, puking, crying, scoring - the works. I know that a weekend night in Ireland is often like that, but this was just... animal, or something. I think it was because the women just seemed to let go en masse (or descend to the level of the men, whichever way you want to look at it).

I wonder how many babies will be born in mid-September...
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