Thursday, January 26, 2006

Overpowered By Funk

Two bands I've taken free (legit) downloads from recently are The Russian Futurists and ¡Forward, Russia! (you may spot a trend there). They're not at all similar - the former are sort of like The Postal Service (although, personally, that band never did anything for me) while the latter are not dissimilar from many of the British guitar bands around at the moment (doesn't bother me). You gotta love the names though!

Meanwhile I wasn't going to waste my time on this, but how and ever. The latest Lonely Planet has caused ructions in Dundalk by being less than complimentary about the place. As a town with serious deficiencies with regard to civic pride, reaction has ranged from outrage to total agreement. The thing is this story is at least 12 years old. I read all the same stuff in all the travel guides out of curiosity years ago. There's no way those writers are visiting every gap in the ditch every couple of years for the sake of their travelogues, so the same stuff is mostly regurgitated when outside the main travel destinations.

I like my hometown, I love going home and I enjoy myself there - golf, League of Ireland, my favourite pub, kayaking in Blackrock, Carlingford, Cooley and the Mournes. It's a pretty good place to live actually. However, in all fairness, it's not somewhere a tourist would be bothered with, especially if they were looking for some preconceived notion of Oirishness. So I fail to feel in any way insulted by this percived slight.

Those travel guides are taken way too seriously. They all say the same thing anyway - Place X is 'way too touristy' or some such guff, as if some lobster skinned paddy sweating his tits off (or whatever) is going to blend seamlessly with the locals while wandering around the souks of Marrakech. Besides the editor of the Irish guide is some Dub called Fionn. Fionn! Just some southside egg-chasing wannabe - I guarantee it.
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