Friday, January 06, 2006

Lover's Rock

I'm not mad about weddings, and have thankfully only ever been to four. Luckily my college friends seem to all be staying either steadfastly single, although two have recently popped the question (well done lads, by the way). But, now that I have to go to another, what's getting my goat is this wedding list craic. Having your own Brown Thomas web page, picking out the stuff you want for your crappy 3-bed semi in the sticks, and having other people buy it for you because you're giving them the pleasure of an hour in church, a lukewarm beef-or-salmon dinner and the chance to dance to a shite band, isn't gift giving, it's called "Social Extortion." And another thing - why do all couples claim that their band will be "good" unlike all those other wedding bands? They're not good, they're never good - stop pretending otherwise.
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