Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Complete Control

You may not have heard Gorgeous George's ridiculous interview with a fawning Dunphia this morning - so allow me to paraphrase, in order that you may get the gist of it...

"George, I watched a lot of Big Brother. As you can see i don't have a life."

"Don't worry, Eamon, we'll go out in dublin soon."

"Ha ha ha, oh i have many powerful friends. So anyway, remember that bit when you signed up to appear on the show?"

"That was a travesty. I thought i'd be able to speak openly and freely about political issues, regardless of the fact that this has never been the case on any series before. It's all Endemol's fault."

"And the newspapers'."

"That's right, the newspapers concocted everything."


"By the way, I'm not standing for election ever again."

"It is a loss, not only to the cuban cigar and fake tan industries, but to lofty rhetoric and opportunism."

"Thanks Evan."

"It's Eamon."

"Yeah, whatever."

There you go, 7 seconds worth of banality.

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