Monday, January 09, 2006

The Colleague

Way back when I took my first trip to New York I was using my new camera for the first time. I wasn't much of a photographer before, but I became very aware of my ability to spot when Lenny was contorting his rubbery head into a great photo opportunity. So it was in Time Square when Lenny decided to turn his newly-acquired Yankees baseball cap back on his head. As it was sitting loose, on his already oval shaped head, he ended up looking like a cone-head. He was yammering on about something inconsequential when it struck me that he was bearing more than a passing resemblance for a Spitting Image puppet. So I took a quick snap mid-yammer. Knowing it would raise more than a smile, I sent it back to a guy he used to work with and forgot about it.

All well and good. However, while I was in last night, I had to go up to Lenny's old department looking for a tank of methanol (don't ask). There, on the wall of the control room, was a framed copy of the picture I took. I was struck dumb. The blokes there didn't even know who I was, never mind that I was the one who took the photo. It turns out that, at that department's Christmas party, there was a secret Santa routine in which a girl, who apparently has history with Lenny, was given this framed photo as a 'gift' to widespread hilarity. I asked about the photo to which one guy replied "whatever ghoul took it really made the langer look stoopid, boy" (apparently he's not well liked up there). Feeling stung I offered "it's hardly the fella who took the photo's fault if Lenny looks stupid", which caused an explosion of laughter. I don't think I know anything like the whole story...
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