Friday, January 13, 2006


Right, I'm home and I'm wound up to the hilt.

The following people should be banned from using Dual Carriageways/Motorways forever and preferably prevented from ever being allowed sit into a car again:

Cork people.
Laois people.
People who drive SUVs.
Northern women.
People who smoke while driving.
People who text while driving (this actually happens, amazing...)
Donegal people.
Northern men.
People who drive big BMWs/Mercs/Audis.
People living in North Co. Dublin.
People who drive small BMWs/Mercs/Audis.
People who drive German cars that I haven't covered.
Volkswagen drivers who don't realise I mean them.
Any Northerner not previously covered.

Gits the lot of 'em...
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