Friday, December 23, 2005

A Sort Of Homecoming

Well I'm back in the Town and it feels great to be home, but things didn't work out as I planned. Seattle is a really nice place. I don't think I'd recommend visiting it (over other cities like New York or San Francisco) but it just felt like a great place to live. However, while I was there I got word that a good friend of mine, from when I lived in Shelbyville, was nearing the end after a long fight against cancer. I was just hoping she'd live long enough for me to visit her but it wasn't to be - she passed away in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I was due to stay in Boston on Tuesday night and fly to Dublin on Wednesday, but I managed to get to Boston in time to fly on a day early and land in Shannon instead - so that I could make the funeral in West Cork yesterday. Gemma was a good friend of mine - I'll miss her, RIP.
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