Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Sort Of Homecoming

Five more days in Connecticut then a three night stay with my mate Stiff in Seattle and then I'm going home. I've done a bucket load here - and not taken a single day off work to do any of it (so there can be no accusations of vacationing on company time!) But I'll be glad to be back in Ireland. Since Thanksgiving I've started to miss my family and friends back home. Three months is plenty long enough to be away. I have to work my ass off this week to cover all the bases (guff alert!) to work on my project back in Cork, but I should be fine.

However I'm a little unhappy at the amount of time I've spent doing developing. I've had to learn C++ and SQL databases on the fly over here when I was supposed to be configuring a finished programme and learning how to use it. When I complained that this was a waste of my time, the lead project guy back home informed me that I could have "a positive or a negative attitude". So remember that next time you go to the showroom to pick up your new car and get informed that you have to fit the engine yourself.
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