Friday, December 02, 2005

Silver And Gold

I don't get to read David McWilliams much at the moment but I trust the guy's analysis. Maybe it's the clarity with which he explains economic matters that makes me like his journalism. Anyway I've just spotted his article from last Sunday - 'We All Contribute To The Rip-Off' - and, for what it's worth, I believe he's right. Complaining about 'Rip-Off Ireland' is a nonsense. Nobody forces us to spend money like there's no tomorrow. In three months in the US, in some of the wealthiest states, I haven't seen any more rampant consumerism than I've seen in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland any given Saturday of the year; and, with the SSIAs starting to mature in the next 6 months, it's only going to get worse. Well not me. I have one small loan that covers my car and that's it. I refuse to be up to my tits in debt just to buy into Ireland's home-owner, home-improvement lemming-oscopy. I'm not loaded but I can cover my ass for a few rainy days and that's way better than most. One day I'll be on the outside looking in with satisfaction when it all falls apart. Then I'll open a soup kitchen, because I'm not such a heartless bastard. Although the egg-chasers can feck right off if they think they'll get any of my soup.
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